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Wedding Photojournalism

There are many genuine and beautiful moments which take place throughout every wedding; the true moments that occur in-between the expected formalities of the day. They are real, unscripted and spontaneous. They capture your personalities, your love, your relationships and human connections – they capture the true spirit of your wedding day. This is what wedding photojournalism means to us and these are the moments we strive to capture at every wedding. When photojournalism and art combine, something magical happens and this is what we believe makes amazing wedding photography.

How We Work

Our photography is designed to record the atmosphere and emotion in a documentary style that really captures the essence of your day. We have photographed over 300 weddings which has enabled us to develop a sixth sense when it comes to anticipating and capturing the moment. We add our personal touch and creative edge, combining our skills and understanding of natural light and composition to produce a stunning collection of storytelling wedding photographs. Please view our slideshow which explains our approach and philosophy in more detail.

Family Photographs

Your wedding coverage will not be complete without just a small number of posed photographs. In addition to our documentary style we will also shoot a range of stylized ‘bride and groom’ portraits, plus a handful of informal family group photographs to compliment our fly-on-the wall approach.


Each and every image is individually assessed and sprinkled with our personal touch of Photoshop magic so they look fantastic. Our retouching is subtle and mostly used to enhance the original image, much like traditional darkroom hand-printing.


We provide wedding photography throughout the UK.


Collections start from £1750. Please get in touch to check your date and receive more info.

Our Approach // Slideshow

Adjust your volume and click the play icon below to watch our portfolio slideshow. The slideshow contains text throughout, explaining our documentary approach and the type of photographs we look out for on the wedding day.

Wedding Albums // Video Clip

Albums provide a tactile and essential display for your beautiful wedding images. The layout of your photographs will be tastefully designed using clean lines and mixed image sizes to produce a timeless, visual story of your wedding day. Adjust your volume and click the play icon below to watch our short preview video.


The blog section of our website features photographs from previous weddings (the six most recent are shown here). To view ALL past blog entries click the button below:

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